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Which ‘Finding Nemo’ toy is best?

Since its release in 2003, “Finding Nemo” has become a story loved by both children and adults. It offers a heartwarming story about a young clownfish who gets captured by divers, leaving the unlikely pair of his father Marlin and friend Dory to come and rescue him.

Inspiring a sequel and spin-offs, it continues to be one of Disney’s most successful stories. “Finding Nemo” toys of all kinds are available, particularly for younger children. Toys like the Disney Finding Nemo Baby Bath Squirt Toys will offer a fun experience that even Dory couldn’t forget.

What to know before you buy a ‘Finding Nemo’ toy

Age recommendation

“Finding Nemo” is a Disney classic loved by both children and adults. Many of the toys are geared toward children ages 3-5, though there are some for the whole family to enjoy. Most have the age recommendation printed on the packaging, which is important to consider in the case of choking hazards and other safety issues. You know your child best and can better determine if a toy is too advanced or too simple for them.


“Finding Nemo” features a wide set of fun and lovable characters besides Dory, Marlin and Nemo. Both Crush, the relaxed and optimistic sea turtle, and his cute son, Squirt, have become popular characters as well. The toy that will work best for you depends on which characters your child enjoys the most. 

Toy type

Because “Finding Nemo” takes place mostly in the ocean, many water-based toys have been released. However, they are not the only type of toy out there. 

  • Bath toys: Bath toys include squirt toys and floating figures that are aimed toward bath time or playing in the pool.
  • Plushies: For those looking to play while dry, plushies are a go-to toy. Soft and cuddly, they are perfect for sleeping with or at night or nap time and are easy to engage in imaginative play with. 
  • Games: These are often aimed at older children. Including games like bean bag toss and splash mats, they are fun for children and adults alike. 

What to look for in a quality ‘Finding Nemo’ toy


The ideal material for a “Finding Nemo” toy depends on the type of toy it is. Most durable bath and squirt toys are made of soft plastic that is easy for small hands to grip and not too hard to squeeze. Other bath and pool toys are made from plastic that is airtight to ensure no unwanted water gets inside, helping preserve the toy.

Lights and colors

Though infants can’t see color yet, they can discern patterns. Any highly contrasting color patterns will catch an infant’s attention. Toys that have light-up features will add a sense of wonder and excitement for any child playing with them.


Toys that play music are particularly enjoyable for young children and babies, who are developing their auditory memory. It also helps develop emotional intelligence, improve your mood and reduce stress.

How much you can expect to spend on a ‘Finding Nemo’ toy

Most “Finding Nemo” squirt toys and plushies cost $5-$15. Larger plushies, games and splash mats can cost $20-$40. The most expensive “Finding Nemo” toys are baby playsets and mats, costing $70-$150.

‘Finding Nemo’ toy FAQ

What can you do if your ‘Finding Nemo’ squirt toy gets mold inside?

A: Mold and mildew are common issues with squirt toys because it can be difficult to completely empty them of water. If you notice any buildup inside your toy, let household bleach soak inside for a while, then rinse out with water. The dishwasher may be an option as well, though it depends on the product, so check your squirt toy for dishwasher instructions.

Are ‘Finding Nemo’ toys educational?

A: In general, toys offer the development of many different skills and lessons for children. Playsets for babies improve their vision as they develop a sense of color and work on their stability. For older children, toys help nurture a sense of creativity and encourage imagination. Playing in groups helps to develop sharing skills and a sense of responsibility.

What’s the best ‘Finding Nemo’ toy to buy?

Top ‘Finding Nemo’ toy

Disney Finding Nemo Baby Bath Squirt Toys

Disney Finding Nemo Baby Bath Squirt Toys

What you should know: This pack of three squirt toys depicting Nemo, Dory and Squirt is perfect for baby bathtime fun.

What you’ll love: Their bright colors and squirting feature will engage babies and toddlers alike during bath time or playing in the pool. They are small and squishy, making them easily graspable for small hands.

What you should consider: Like other squirt toys, mold may build up inside as time goes on.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond

Top ‘Finding Nemo’ toy for the money

SwimWays Mr Rays Dive and Catch Game

SwimWays Mr. Ray’s Dive and Catch Game

What you should know: This water game set includes one Mr. Ray net and five dive characters: Nemo, Dory, Pearl, Sheldon and Kathy.

What you’ll love: Simply toss each character into the water and watch your children have fun and develop swimming skills as they retrieve and return them into the net. Each character floats at different depths, adding to the challenge of catching each one. This game is great for the pool or bath time. 

What you should consider: Some reviewers said that rather than floating at different levels, some float and others sink to the bottom.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Bright Starts Mr Ray Ocean Lights Music Gym

Bright Starts Mr. Ray Ocean Lights and Music Gym

What you should know: This cheerful baby canopy features multisensory toys and music based on your favorite “Finding Nemo” characters. 

What you’ll love: Twenty minutes of soothing, ocean-themed melodies and illuminating lights make this canopy a fun and relaxing experience for any baby. All toys are detachable for on-the-go use. The Dory finger puppet lets you get in on the fun and bond with your child.

What you should consider: Some reviewers said the stingray makes it too heavy on top, causing it to tip over easily.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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