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Which gun cabinet is best?

There are as many reasons to secure your firearms safely as there are types of firearms available. Whether you want to keep your children from using them to disastrous effect or prevent antagonistic forces from using your own firearms against you, purchasing a gun cabinet to secure your firearms is of paramount importance.

While there are many different forms of gun cabinet available to match your personal needs, the best all-around gun cabinet is the SnapSafe Under Bed Gun Safe. Different sizes are available to match your firearms specifications, and the ability to access it easily during an emergency or even place it in your vehicle’s trunk for travel makes this gun cabinet fit every need.

What to know before you buy a gun cabinet


Gun cabinet construction is typically wood or steel.

  • Wood: A more traditional type of gun cabinet, wood-constructed cabinets usually have glass windowed doors for a more aesthetically pleasing cabinet that sacrifices theft prevention in return.
  • Steel: Steel gun cabinets are the most secure cabinet you can find. Different sizes and thicknesses of the steel modify where you can store them in your home and how difficult they are to break into. 

Lock types

Different locking mechanisms also modify your gun cabinet’s theft prevention ability and typically come in three varieties: keyed, keypad and biometric.

  • Keyed: These gun cabinets use the lock and key type of security typical in most homes. Wood cabinets are more likely to use this type of lock.
  • Keypad: Numeric keypads greatly increase the security of your firearms and have different features available depending on the safe, like having a backlit keypad or a lock-out mechanism if too many incorrect codes are attempted. This is the most common lock type for steel gun cabinets.
  • Biometric: Fingerprint scanning locks are the most secure locking mechanism for your gun cabinet. There’s no need to remember a code and most biometric locks can store as many users as need access.


Gun cabinets will state the number of firearms they are designed to hold. Complicating factors for capacity include the thickness of the cabinet’s construction and the placement of shelving or storage on the interior of the door. If your firearm has an attached scope or an extra-long muzzle, check the dimensions of the gun cabinet against the dimensions of your firearms to ensure they’ll fit.

Gun cabinet features

Physical security

Besides the method of access, the physical security of your gun cabinet should be considered. Factors of physical security can be the method of latching or if it has multiple bolts. 

Fireproof and waterproof

Gun cabinets are commonly either waterproof or fireproof. While some can be both, it’s never guaranteed, so be very careful to check what protections the gun cabinet you’re considering actually has.


Most gun cabinets can be secured to the floor or ceiling, which is of more importance for lighter gun cabinets than heavy steel gun cabinets. Steel gun cabinets can weigh hundreds of pounds and need to be delivered by tractor-trailers and placed with a forklift — bear that in mind when selecting your gun cabinet.

Interior options

The interior of your gun cabinet might have a few special features like padded barrel rests or internal lighting. Some even have USB ports.

Gun cabinet cost

Gun cabinets have a very wide range of pricing. The most basic of models can start at $100 but only lock with a key and have little storage space. Midrange gun cabinets are typically between $200-$500 and can have a keypad or biometric security and store more firearms, but fancier protections like fireproofing and waterproofing add to the cost. For storage of a very large amount of firearms (15+), costs can be over $2,000.

Gun cabinet FAQ

Are there laws concerning securing my firearms?

A. Federally, no, but you’ll need to check what your local and state laws require.

How do I know for sure if my gun cabinet is fireproof or waterproof?

A. The manufacturer of your gun cabinet should give precise ratings on their fireproof or waterproof limitations. Gun cabinets that offer either or both of these options typically cost far more.

Which gun cabinet should I get?

Best of the best gun cabinet

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe for Gun Storage and Security

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe for Gun Storage and Security

What you need to know: This all-purpose gun cabinet can store multiple firearms and plenty of ammunition, as well as any other items you wish to secure.

What you’ll love: It has a sliding drawer. Place it under your bed for easy storage and quick access.

What you should consider: This gun cabinet is in the higher range of cost for its size and features.

Available at: Amazon

Best bang for your buck gun cabinet

Invie Electronic Gun Cabinet

Invie Electronic Gun Cabinet

What you need to know: This low-cost option can store up to four large firearms.

What you’ll love: It’s a well-constructed, basic unit with a speedy emergency access keypad lock and included mounting kit to keep it secure.

What you should consider: This gun cabinet has a top shelf that can limit the storage of long-barreled firearms.

Available at: Amazon

Honorable mention gun cabinet

SentrySafe Pistol Safe

SentrySafe Pistol Safe

What you need to know: This single pistol-sized gun cabinet is a perfect and compact storage device for apartment dwellers with a protective sidearm.

What you’ll love: The biometric and keypad locking mechanism give you multiple methods of access to your firearm.

What you should consider: In dire circumstances, the loud click when opening can alert an antagonistic force.

Available at: Amazon


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