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Which toe separator is best?

Injury, habits and genetics can all cause painful foot issues, like hammertoes and bunions, that can lead to cramps and reduce your activity over time. That’s where toe separators come into play. Toe separators are an excellent and fairly inexpensive way to reduce pain in your feet and toes and help you deal with these painful foot problems. The Yogatoes Gem Toe Separator is a wonderful product if you are searching for the best toe separators.

What to know before you buy a toe separator

Types of toe separators

There are a few different kinds of toe separators on the market, including full-toe separators, triple-toe separators and double-toe separators. Full-toe separators help to separate all of your toes at the same time, while triple-toe separators are made for three toes at a time and double-toe separators fit between two toes.

Stability and mobility

Think about whether or not you want to walk when you’re wearing your toe separator. Some toe separators are meant for mobility, while others are not. You can also find toe separators that feature foot pads to help improve stability and cushion your foot.

Easy to clean

Toe separators can get dirty pretty quickly, especially if you wear them regularly. Make sure to find a model that is fairly easy to clean. Most gel toe separators can be washed by hand with water and soap. Fabric toe separators need to be completely dry before wearing again to prevent any mold from growing.

What to look for in a quality toe separator


Toe separators come in a few different types of materials, including stretch fabric, foam and medical-grade gel. Medical-grade gel is a fantastic option because it comes in fun colors and doesn’t irritate your skin. It’s also fairly comfortable and durable.

Separation vs. padding

Some toe separators are just meant for stretching and separating your toes, while others have both separating capabilities and padding. It’s important to find a toe separator with padding, especially if you have any calluses or bunions.


If you want toe separators that come in fun colors, gel toe separators are a wonderful option. They typically come in fun colors like greens, purples or blues.

How much you can expect to spend on a toe separator

Toe separators range in price from about $5 to more than $25. The most basic gel toe separators cost about $5, while the midrange toe separators range in price from $10-$25 and the high-end toe separators go for $25 or more.

Toe separator FAQ

Can you wear a toe separator while working out?

A. You can sometimes wear a toe separator while working out, depending on your shoes and the design of your toe separator. You can wear triple-toe and double-toe separators, as well as some full-toe models composed of soft gel, while you’re working out. 

However, you might need to wear shoes with extra room in the toes for a more comfortable workout. You should also make sure that you clean your toe separators more regularly, and keep in mind that your toe separators will wear out faster if you wear them while working out.

Can toe separators stop cramps in your foot and toes?

A. Toe separators can stretch and improve your tendon and muscle flexibility over time, which helps relieve toe and foot cramps. Toe separators are not a cure for cramps, but they can definitely help decrease the amount of cramping.

For how long should you wear your toe separator?

A. Some toe separators, particularly toe separators models meant to reduce pain and cushion your toes, are comfortable enough to wear regularly without any issues. That being said, if you have toe separators that are meant to stretch your toes, you probably shouldn’t wear them all of the time.

Instead, you should wear the toe separators for only about 10 minutes at a time at first, then you can gradually lengthen the amount of wearing time. Most customers find that an hour of wearing time per day will impact their tendon and muscle flexibility. Other people choose to only wear toe separators overnight. You can test out what works best for you and your toes.

What’s the best toe separator to buy?

Top toe separator

Yogatoes Gem Toe Separator

Yogatoes Gem Toe Separator

What you need to know: These patented toe separators from Yogatoes offer plenty of results, comfort and quality.

What you’ll love: These durable Yogatoes toe separators provide a comfortable and soft way to stretch your toes and help with a wide range of different foot issues. The toe separators also come with a patented design and are made of medical-grade gel.

What you should consider: These toe separators may take an adjustment period to break in.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top toe separator for the money

Dr. JK ToePal Toe Separator

Dr. JK ToePal Toe Separator

What you need to know: These affordable toe separators deliver excellent results at almost half the price of competing separators.

What you’ll love: These budget-friendly Dr. JK toe separators are simple to put in place and composed of a resilient gel that is both comfortable and flexible for most people. The toe separators also help with multiple painful foot conditions.

What you should consider: These Dr. JK toe separators only come in one size, which might be too big for people with narrow or smaller feet.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Yogatoes Original Toe Separator

Yogatoes Original Toe Separator

What you need to know: These well-constructed toe separators from Yogatoes help reduce and relieve pain for a number of different foot problems.

What you’ll love: These well-made toe separators feature a patented design composed of medical-grade gel and come in a number of different sizes. The multi-purpose toe separators also help address several foot problems, including bunions and hammertoes.

What you should consider: It’s important to consider that the sizes on this toe separator run fairly big.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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