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Samsung Freestyle Smart Portable Projector review

Portable projectors are an ideal way to get a movie-theater experience, but many lack the video and audio quality needed for a top-notch viewing session. Samsung claims its Freestyle Smart Portable Projector can produce excellent audio and automatically adjusts to enhance the picture. We decided to put the Freestyle Smart Portable Projector to see how it performs in a home setting.

Testing the Freestyle Smart Portable Projector

We strive to investigate every claim the brand or manufacturer makes about the product. For this article, our tester used the Freestyle projector with multiple streaming services. They experimented with numerous viewing angles and projection sizes and used the projector in their home and outside to test the picture quality in various situations. 

What is the Samsung Freestyle Smart Portable Projector?

The Freestyle is a compact projector with automatic-adjustment features designed to enhance the picture quality. It comes with a remote, a charging cable and a lens cap. 

This portable projector’s Wi-Fi capabilities let you use streaming services without plugging in a laptop or phone, and it can be controlled with voice commands. You can make the projected screen as small as 30 inches or as large as 100 inches diagonally from corner to corner. It’s compatible with an external battery, making it easy to take on the go, although the battery isn’t included.

Samsung Freestyle Smart Portable Projector price and where to buy

The Freestyle is available on Amazon and costs around $600. For a little more, you’ll receive a protective sleeve with your device.

How to use the Samsung Freestyle Smart Portable Projector

Setting the projector up was straightforward — it connected to our Wi-Fi quickly and the instructions were easy to follow. We were able to project the settings menu on our wall and used the remote to get started. It took us around 30 minutes to sign into all of our streaming services. Once we finished signing in, we were able to start streaming. 

We didn’t have to make any changes to the picture since the Freestyle automatically adjusted it. We were pleasantly surprised by how crisp our favorite shows and movies looked. Although the picture quality was top-notch, we had trouble keeping it aligned. The picture seemed slightly slanted in most cases, but not enough to be a significant distraction. 

You can easily use the Freestyle outside with an external battery pack. If you don’t have an external battery, you can use an extension cord for outdoor movies.

Samsung Freestyle Smart Portable Projector benefits

Setting this device up couldn’t have been easier. The instructions were clear and the remote was intuitive. The voice controls are especially easy to use if you’re familiar with Alexa-enabled devices.

We loved that we didn’t have to adjust the picture every time we watched a new show, and the quality exceeded our expectations. The device’s operation and picture quality made it feel like using a smart TV.

The 360 audio sounded incredible inside; it was a bit quieter outside, but still impressive. The fan was relatively quiet and quickly blended in as background noise that wasn’t noticeable.

We like that we didn’t have to connect the projector to a laptop to use it. The lightweight, compact design made it easy to use in different locations. It was compatible with any USB-C external battery, making it even more portable. 

Samsung Freestyle Smart Portable Projector drawbacks

The projector doesn’t include an external battery, so you’ll need to purchase this separately if you want to use the projector somewhere far from an outlet.

Overall, the biggest drawback was the slanted picture, which also seemed slightly skewed. However, this wasn’t as noticeable after we used it for a while.

Should you get the Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector?

Best Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector

The Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector is a solid device for those who like to entertain outside. It can be used to watch movies or listen to music, and the audio and video are excellent. While we didn’t like that we had to use an extension cord, this wouldn’t have been an issue if we had an external battery on hand.

Consider other products

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