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Which projection clock is best?

While advanced mobile devices and smartwatches might make a traditional alarm clock feel like a relic from the past, these trusty devices are still popular, thanks to their simplicity and ease of use.

For the ultimate in readability, many prefer projection clocks. These clocks, as their name suggests, project the time onto a wall or ceiling in your home. The La Crosse Technology Color Projection Alarm Clock, with its USB charging port, temperature information and adjustable display, is the best projection clock for anyone looking to make life easier in the morning.

What to consider before you buy a projection clock

Why purchase a projection clock?

Checking the time while in bed, even with a smartphone charging on the stand beside you, can be inconvenient. Bright screens can blind tired eyes, and traditional alarm clocks can be difficult to see at certain angles. Projection the time on a larger surface allows you to more easily check it with a glance. Some models also provide additional information about the weather and outside temperature, although it is generally the simplicity and lack of distracting extra features that make these devices both attractive and economical.

Ideal for large spaces

Projection clocks can also be used outside of the bedroom in shared spaces to make checking the time as easy as possible. Conference rooms, media rooms or playrooms all benefit from having the time easily and regularly visible. Keep in mind that these devices work their best in low light.


For best results, a projection alarm clock will need a clean, uncluttered wall or ceiling to throw its image on. Projecting the time onto a wall covered in shelves or frames will make it difficult to read.

For kids

Projection clocks can be a great addition to a child’s bedroom. Not only will a large projection help with learning how to tell time, it can double as a nightlight to provide security for young children. A dedicated alarm clock is a simple alternative to keeping a potentially disruptive smart device beside your child’s bed.

What to look for in a quality projection clock

Battery backup

A midnight power outage can disrupt your alarm clock and send your day into a tailspin. Protect against disruptions by selecting a clock that includes the option to install battery power in case of a blackout. Some clocks allow you to insert your own disposable batteries while others will include a button battery permanently installed inside them.

Brightness adjustment

Choose a clock that allows you to adjust the brightness of its primary display to your preferred level so as to not disrupt your sleep. The display should be easy to see and read, but not so bright as to keep you awake.

USB port

Selecting a clock that includes a USB port will allow you to still charge your phone or other mobile device while the clock occupies an outlet. Keep in mind that this USB connection provides power only and does not exchange any data between devices.

Projection customization

A clock that allows you to rotate and otherwise adjust the image it projects will provide you with more flexibility when it comes to the placement of your device. While red is the most commonly used color for these clocks, there are models available that project in other colors if you have a particular preference.

Weather information

Many clocks include temperature sensors that can be placed in your home and outdoors. These sensors wirelessly communicate with your clock, allowing it to display temperature data along with the time. More advanced clocks will also include humidity information and even a forecast.

How much you can expect to spend on a projection clock

Projection alarm clocks cost between $20-$50, depending on features and brand. Most reliable models will cost around $30.

Projection clock FAQ

Do projection clocks project full-color images or video?

A. No. Projection clocks only project a digital readout of the time in a single, solid color. Different models may project in different colors. If you have a preference, select a clock that will throw its projection in the color that you find most pleasing or easiest to read.

Do projection clocks have an AM/FM radio?

A. Many projection clocks are available that feature an AM/FM radio tuner.

Do projection clocks include any smart features?

A. No. Calendars, weather information and the time and date are the most that these devices typically offer. You cannot download apps, play games or make online purchases using a projection clock.

Can I connect my projection clock to my phone or tablet?

A. Some projection clocks can be connected to your device via USB for charging purposes. However, they are not able to receive information from your device, nor can they be used to project photos or video from a connected phone or tablet.

What’s the best projection clock to buy?

Top projection clock

La Crosse Technology Color Projection Alarm Clock

La Crosse Technology Color Projection Alarm Clock

What you need to know: This clock includes a transmitter to check the outdoor temperature and a USB port.

What you’ll love: Charge your phone, check the temperature both inside and out and listen to the radio with this handy device. This clock’s projector is adjustable up to 90 degrees and features a readable, red font.

What you should consider: Some users report dissatisfaction with the brightness and size of this clock’s projected image.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top projection clock for the money

YISSVIC Projection Alarm Clock

YISSVIC Projection Alarm Clock 

What you need to know: This projection alarm clock features a radio and a USB charging port.

What you’ll love: This model’s extra-large display and sharp, bright projection allow for great visibility. It also features a USB port to allow you to charge your mobile device.

What you should consider: This clock does not allow you to use the radio as an alarm, which may turn off buyers who would prefer music over beeping.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

SMARTRO SC91 Projection Alarm Clock

SMARTRO SC91 Projection Alarm Clock

What you need to know: This projection clock includes weather information and an adjustable display.

What you’ll love: This model has multiple programmable alarms, adjustable brightness settings and a built-in battery. It can connect to up to three remote temperature sensors.

What you should consider: This clock does not include a radio or a USB port, limiting it to only basic functionality.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

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