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Which digital wall clock is best?

Whether you need particularly large numbers, extra information such as temperature or features such as alarms and dimmable backlighting, a wide range of digital wall clocks are available to suit your needs.

Those who aren’t sure which model to choose will find that the Raynic 11.5-inch LED Digital Wall Clock is a safe bet with plenty of details and features for most users.

What to know before you buy a digital wall clock


Ultimately, the best digital wall clocks are those that suit the needs of the buyer best. For example, if you have a specific wall spot picked out for your clock or a certain set of information you want it to include, take this into consideration before you make your purchase.

Display type

While digital wall clocks come in a wide variety of display types, the most commonly used displays are LED backlit and LCD screens – both of which usually offer a large and clear enough display to accommodate multiple lighting situations. Still, those who need a little extra help seeing the display may want to consider choosing a model with large numbers they can see across the room.

Mounting wall clocks

Part of the appeal of digital wall clocks is that they typically come with hardware to be mounted onto the wall. Still, a wide range of models also include standing hardware of some sort in case you decide you’d rather set them on a desk or plan to use them for travel where you may not be able to hang them.

What to look for in a quality digital wall clock

Other information

Many digital clocks include information such as the date and day of the week as well as the temperature, among other details. If you prefer your clock to include a specific piece of information, it’s worth making sure the model you purchase includes that particular set of details.

Display dimming and other features

Many buyers prefer digital wall clocks they can dim or that include otherwise modifiable displays. These can be particularly helpful in rooms with unique lighting or glare, or simply for those who like to control their models.

How much you can expect to spend on a digital wall clock

Digital wall clocks typically span a wide range of prices, although those on a serious budget can usually find them at reasonable prices. In general, expect to spend $15-$25 on a cheap digital wall clock, while more expensive and larger models may cost $30-$100.

Digital wall clock FAQ

How do digital wall clocks work?

A. Depending on which digital wall clock model you go with, it may work in a variety of different ways. In general, wall clocks tend to be powered via batteries and use a backlight to display the time in a digital format on your wall, dresser, desk or shelf.

Do digital wall clocks display temperature?

A. There are several of them that also display temperature and other information such as the date and the day of the week.

What are the best digital wall clocks to buy?

Top digital wall clock

Raynic 11.5 Inch Large LED Dimmable Word Display Digital Wall Clock

Raynic 11.5-Inch Large LED Dimmable Word Display Digital Wall Clock

What you need to know: With its sleek white LED numbers on a black display, this digital wall clock from Raynic is a great purchase for buyers looking to maximize their model’s extra features.

What you’ll love: This digital clock has a beautiful aesthetic for just about any space, featuring the time in a digital configuration, along with timers, the date and the temperature. It also includes a dimmable LED interface that works as well in the bedroom as it does in the office.

What you should consider: This model is a bit more expensive than some other digital clock units.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top digital wall clock for the money

La Crosse Technology WT 8002U Digital Wall Clock

La Crosse Technology WT-8002U Digital Wall Clock

What you need to know: This digital wall clock is very affordable and has all the essentials as well as a large time display that’s easy to read.

What you’ll love: This clock shows the day of the week and the date as well as the temperature. It’s powered by two AA batteries and comes with either a stand or the ability to mount it onto the wall.

What you should consider: Some buyers complained about the gray interface of this clock, saying it wasn’t as aesthetically pleasing as other wall clock models.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Marathon 5 Inch Digital Wall Clock With Moon Phase, Alarm, Temperature, Date

Marathon 5-Inch Digital Wall Clock With Moon Phase, Alarm, Temperature, Date

What you need to know: Another low-priced digital wall clock, this model has even more information than your average model, even showing the current moon phase.

What you’ll love: This clock is perfect for those who like to keep track of the moon, the day of the week and date, the temperature and the time – including the number of seconds. It’s got a sleek, black border and large, easy-to-read time numbers.

What you should consider: Some users had difficulty navigating the wall clock’s interface, especially when trying to use the alarms.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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