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Which countdown clock is best?

The year is quickly coming to an end, and many have started to make plans for their New Year’s Eve celebrations. You might have the perfect venue in mind and have finalized the guest list, but your party will be incomplete if you don’t have a countdown clock.

You’re going to need a gadget that everybody can see and ring in the new year together. For that, Ivation’s 24-inch digital LED clock will do just the trick. It has bright digits, ensuring that nobody misses the celebrations.

What to know before you buy a countdown clock

Size matters

The point of getting a countdown clock is so that it is visible at all times by everyone. For a celebration of the new year, bigger is definitely better. While you don’t have to go for something that is the size of a billboard, decent dimensions will make sure that nobody is caught off-guard at night.

Power supply

Keep in mind that countdown clocks operate on either a battery or from being plugged into a wall socket. This is important as you want it to be fully functional wherever your get-together will be. If you’re going to be outside or away from houses, the best option will be to look for a countdown clock that uses batteries or can run off of a rechargeable power bank.

Timing functions

With a celebration where every second counts, keep in mind what kind of timing functions your need. For new year parties, it is vital that you get a clock that can count down the minutes and seconds. While others have functions like counting down days or weeks, you probably don’t need that on New Year’s.

What to look for in a quality countdown clock

Visibility of the countdown digits

It’s great when you have a massive countdown clock, but if the digits are difficult to see then you might miss the special occasion. A good quality countdown clock will have bright light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in various colors. These can be adjusted to suit your needs if some of your guests are colorblind.

Remote control for customizability

Don’t want the same digits ticking down? Then get yourself a countdown clock that can be operated from a distance with a remote control. A good quality countdown clock will come with one so that you can change the colors, the brightness, set it to the current time and even display the temperature.

Mounting and alarm

To increase the visibility of the countdown clock, it needs to be placed in an area where most can see it. But with a lot of people mingling around at a party, it can be difficult to get a clear line of sight. To prevent that, a good quality countdown clock will be mountable on a wall or tripod. In case you’re not keeping an eye on the clock, good countdown timers will have an alarm that will sound when the occasion is near. 

How much you can expect to spend on a countdown clock

The average price of a countdown clock will depend on its size and its functions. Small, easy-to-use countdown clocks retail for less than $10. Much bigger and complex countdown times can retail for $100-$200. 

Countdown clock FAQ

Can a countdown clock be used as a regular clock?

A. Yes. In most cases, you will be able to set the digits to work as a normal clock. If the model comes with a remote controller, it should be rather easy to swap between the clock and the countdown timer.

What is the best color for countdowns at night?

A. The most visible colors to the human eye at night are red and green. It is best to use red as it contrasts the most, while the eye can adjust faster to green without glaring. 

What’s the best countdown clock to buy?

Top countdown clock

Ivation 24-inch digital LED clock

Ivation 24-Inch Digital LED Clock

What you need to know: A great countdown clock for maximum visibility. Available in sizes from 24 inches to a massive 60 inches, this digital LED countdown clock comes with a host of functions. In addition to showing you the hours, minutes, and seconds, it can also display the temperature.

What you’ll love: Countdown is one of three functions, with the others being a stopwatch and a timer. It can be mounted on a wall with a few tools and it has a connection at the bottom that allows it to be mounted on a tripod or stand. The countdown clock has eight alarm tones and comes with a remote control, which is used to change the brightness of the LEDs. 

What you should consider: It can’t run on batteries, but uses a 10-foot wall adapter.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top countdown clock for the money

Aimilar digital countdown days timer

Aimilar Digital Countdown Days Timer

What you need to know: Small and compact, it’s a great clock for discreet countdowns.

What you’ll love: If you are looking for a countdown clock that isn’t too intrusive, the Aimilar model will be perfect. Measuring 6.1 inches long, 2.2 inches high and 0.4 inches thick, it displays up to 999 days with hours, minutes and seconds. The regular clock function is switchable between 12-hour and 24-hour measurements. It is powered by an included watch battery, comes with a little tripod and can be affixed to a metal surface through the three attached magnets. 

What you should consider: It’s best used as a personal countdown clock, as it’s not big enough for a large gathering.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

EU Display 1.8-foot LED countdown clock

EU Display 1.8-Foot LED Countdown Clock

What you need to know: A simple and affordable countdown clock that can be seen from 100 feet away.

What you’ll love: With a digit height of 1.8 inches, this countdown clock will easily be visible in an enclosed space. The entire clock measures 20 inches in width, 6.3 inches in height and 1.6 inches in thickness. It has labels to denote the countdown of the days, hours, minutes and seconds. The brightness can be adjusted with the included remote or through automatic brightness detection. 

What you should consider: The color of the digits can’t be changed.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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