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Which decorations for trunk-or-treat are best?

For the uninitiated, trunk-or-treating occurs in a parking lot such as that of a school, church or shopping area, letting parents and children celebrate Halloween in a safe space. Costumed individuals deck out their vehicles in themed decorations and pass out candy to children and families walking from car to car.

The decorations for trunk-or-treat are usually kid-friendly, fun and lighthearted. It’s best to aim for a mix of stand-out items that draw a crowd and kits that give you everything you need in one purchase. 

Trunk-or-treat decorating tips

Embellishing your car for trunk-or-treat is similar to decorating your home for Halloween. However, four tips can help you elevate your trunk-or-treating experience:

  • Stick to a theme: Pick a single idea, such as monsters and go all out with it. Center your car decorations, table and treats around that idea. 
  • Dress the part: Match your costume to your theme and have fun with it.
  • Sounds: Play music or spooky sounds to match your decorations. 
  • Games: Add a little fun to your station and incorporate games such as a monster ring toss.

Trunk-or-treat checklist

After you’ve selected your decorations for trunk-or-treat, it can make your life easier to create a checklist of other items you might need on the day of the event. There are 20 for you to consider:

  • Table
  • Candy 
  • Chairs
  • Signs
  • Games
  • Balloons
  • Glow sticks
  • Costumes
  • Fog machine 
  • Decorations
  • Welcome mat
  • Spooky playlist
  • Bottles of water
  • Snacks and food
  • Candy and bowls 
  • Trick-or-treat bags
  • Fully charged phone
  • Blankets and jackets
  • Speaker for your music
  • Flashlights with extra batteries


The best decorations for trunk-or-treat can simplify your life by giving you everything you need in one purchase. Standard kits come with the character’s eyes, nose, mouth or teeth and other defining features, such as spider legs or ears, that you can affix to your vehicle’s trunk and elsewhere on its exterior.

Deluxe sets take the embellishments a bit further by adding pieces that cover the inside of your trunk, such as a backdrop or fabric. They also have more character or scene details that can stick to your car. Some deluxe kits have external components you can set on the ground near your station, such as a long tongue that can act as a walkway to your candy station.

Easy to assemble

The best decorations for trunk-or-treat are super easy to assemble and come with everything you need to complete your spooky aesthetic. While some sets have more components than others, affixing each piece should be straightforward and include instructions with clearly mapped out placements.


If you get your decorations for trunk-or-treat in a kit or a set, it could come with an adhesive you can safely affix to your car, such as double-sided foam or glue dots. However, if your decorations don’t come with vehicle-safe adhesives, consider buying automotive masking tape or anything that states directly in its description that it is safe to use on your car and won’t destroy its paint.

What are the best decorations for trunk-or-treat to buy?

Best AnNido Monster Face Kit Decorations For Trunk-Or-Treat

AnNido Monster Face Kit Decorations for Trunk-or-Treat

This monster face set is made of high-quality plastic that is nontoxic, waterproof and durable. The kit comes with eyes, nostrils, fangs and foam adhesive to keep everything in place.

Sold by Amazon

Best Joyin Witch Trunk-Or-Treat Decorations

Joyin Witch Trunk-or-Treat Decorations

This witch value pack comes with a witch hat, eyes, nose, fangs, legs, cat, broom and 60 adhesive glue dots to keep everything in place. Each piece is waterproof, washable and reusable.

Sold by Amazon

Best AnNido Spider Decoration Kit

AnNido Spider Decoration Kit

This cartoon spider kit comes with 10 legs, four eyes and two fangs. The spider is orange and black, easy to assemble and comes with peel-and-stick foam adhesives.

Sold by Amazon

Best Hauntlook Deluxe Trunk-Or-Treat Spider Car Decoration Kit

Hauntlook Deluxe Trunk-or-Treat Spider Car Decoration Kit

This scary 13-piece spider cavern set comes with a tarantula, spider web, egg sack and six cavern cutouts. There’s also a sticky adhesive that’s easy to remove.

Sold by Amazon

Best Roberly Monster Face Trunk-Or-Treat Decoration Kit

Roberly Monster Face Trunk-or-Treat Decoration Kit

This 18-piece scary dragon kit comes with 14 fangs, eyes, a tongue and a nose. It also includes double-sided stickers that go on easily and don’t leave residue behind.

Sold by Amazon

Best National Tree Company Mean Streak Car Trunk Decoration Kit

National Tree Company Mean Streak Car Trunk Decoration Kit

This silly monster kit includes eyes that have attached eyebrows and two rows of sharp teeth. It also has built-in suction cups and magnets that stick to your car for a quick, easy setup.

Sold by Amazon

Best The Fun Express Deluxe Monster Trunk-Or-Treat Decorating Kit

The Fun Express Deluxe Monster Trunk-or-Treat Decorating Kit

This 32-piece goofy purple monster kit has big googly eyes, a feather boa, pom-pom decorations, several table skirts, foam cones and a long red tablecloth.

Sold by Amazon

Best Disguise Store Trolls Trunk-Or-Treat Decoration Kit

Disguise Store “Trolls” Trunk-or-Treat Decoration Kit

This simple kit comes with three sheets that have nine cutouts; one is a larger backdrop, and the others are accent images you can affix to your vehicle. It also includes 24 pieces of double-sided foam adhesives.

Sold by Amazon

Best Joyin Unicorn Trunk-Or-Treat Car Decoration Kit

Joyin Unicorn Trunk-or-Treat Car Decoration Kit

This washable, durable and reusable nine-piece rainbow unicorn set comes with a flower unicorn horn, ears, eyes, a nose, a goofy smile and rainbow cheeks. It also offers 60 weather-resistant glue dots.

Sold by Amazon

Best Joyin Frankenstein Decorations For Trunk-Or-Treat

Joyin “Frankenstein” Decorations for Trunk-or-Treat

This silly 12-piece Frankenstein’s monster kit comes with the iconic character’s forehead, bolts, eyes, nose, ears, teeth and hands. The pieces are reusable, washable and durable; it also includes 60 glue dots for quick, easy assembly.

Sold by Amazon

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