PHL17’s Alyssa Sullivan visited Wonderspaces Philadelphia in the Philadelphia Fashion District to check out the launch of their new bar and experience their new installation, “On A Human Scale” by Matthew Matthew.

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Wonderspaces Philadelphia at Fashion District Philadelphia announces the opening of the Wonderspaces bar and the all new cocktail program, as well as the introduction of three new installations. With the new additions, this means the global art show at Wonderspaces has the most interactive artwork since Wonderspaces debuted in January 2020.

One of the most stunning and memorable pieces ever to come to Wonderspaces is now open as part of the Philadelphia show. Hear the music of the big city through “On A Human Scale” by Matthew Matthew. Matthew Matthew’s audio instrument creates a living, singing portrait of humanity combining music, film, people and technology.

This is a symphony of many faces – as you play the 49 keys housed in an antique harpsichord, the individual voices of New York City come to life – one at a time – connected to the keys you press. Each visitor to Wonderspace brings this immersive audio-visual installation to life.

Wonderspaces also has opened the Wonderspaces Philadelphia bar with a full signature and craft cocktail program, with wine, beer and other selections with experienced bartenders from the Philadelphia region.