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Philadelphia (WPHL)- A man has been arrested for allegedly striking a Philadelphia officer with his car in Philadelphia’s Tacony section.

The incident happened on the 6700 block of Torresdale Avenue just after 8:00 pm Wednesday.

According to police, a 44-year-old officer from the 15th district was conducting a car stop on Torresdale Avenue. While she was doing her job, police say, a Chevy Malibu swerved into her as it passed by.

The vehicle did not stop to check on the officer; instead continued northbound on Torresdale Avenue, police say.

Police say the Malibu was found on Cottman and Torresdale Avenues and arrested the 42-year-old man driver. Officers said the man tried hitting them with his car and ran a few red lights before being captured.

Medics transported the officer to Jefferson-Torresdale Hospital, where she was placed in stable condition. Police say she suffered head trauma, bumps and bruises to her body possibly broke her leg,