PHILADELPHIA, Pa (WPHL)– Attention Whiskey lovers, the 8th Annual Whiskey Bonanza is less than two weeks away.

For the 8th year in a row, Philly’s popular Southern-inspired restaurant, bar, and live Blues joint, The Twisted Tail, will host their annual Whiskey Bonanza event which features over 100 whiskeys, riveting cocktails competitions by some of Philly’s best bartenders, a signature southern pig roast, live Jazz and Blues music, and tons more southern-inspired whiskey-themed festivities.

The event will be held on Thursday, September 28th from 7-10 p.m.

“I eagerly await the Whiskey Bonanza every year as it grants whiskey enthusiasts the chance to sample a diverse range of spirits alongside knowledgeable experts,” said George Reilly, the Master Craftsman and proprietor of The Twisted Tail. “It’s no coincidence that we host this event during Bourbon Heritage Month; few things are as quintessentially American as bourbon. Being able to hold this celebration in the birthplace of America imbues the event with a sense of virtue and nostalgia.”

Hardcore Whiskey lovers can also opt in for a special VIP hour with early admission at 6 p.m. which will give them access to rare and hard-to-find whiskeys which will not be available during the main event. The VIP hour will also guarantees guests the first-hand opportunity to enjoy Twisted Tail’s traditional Pig Roast.

Tickets for the general admission to the Whiskey Bonanza will be $65, and $80 for VIP access. There will also be a $40 option for Designated Drivers who want attend for the food, and festivities, but not the drinks.

Besides the event, The Twisted Tail offers a free-to-join Bourbon Club program, which is perfect for amateur and seasoned whiskey enthusiasts alike. Members receive a membership card that is kept at the bar and contains a list of the 70+ bourbons, whiskeys, ryes, and scotches, offered at The Twisted Tail. If a member manages to drink 2 oz of every spirit on the list, they become a Bourbon Club “Finisher”, which gives them a permanent 20% discount on all whiskeys and a custom engraved glass that’s kept at the bar on a special shelf.