A vigil was held for the 27-year-old Kensington man shot and killed by a Philadelphia police officer. As police accounts of the incident continue to change, frustrated family members are calling for bodycam footage to be released.

In a press conference on Wednesday, police commissioner Danielle Outlaw confirmed that body camera footage shows, Irizarry was not attempting to avoid a traffic stop and he was shot while inside of his car.

This update is a change from earlier information released by police saying that Irizarry lunged at an officer with a knife before he was shot and killed. Police say that there were two knives inside of the vehicle but have not confirmed whether Irizarry was holding a weapon at the time of the shooting.

Outlaw acknowledged that shifting accounts can cause “hurt and confusion” among family members and the community and has promised transparency as they continue to investigate this tragic incident.

Outlaw said two investigations are underway, one involving the district attorney’s office to determine whether officers followed the law and another internal affairs probe to determine whether they followed department policies and procedures.