The VBC Giving Foundation, has just launched a new Veterans Village in Frankford.

The new $6 million, 47-unit housing community will be the flagship location for projects created by the VBC Giving Foundation, which is based on the principle of ‘safe, quality housing is imperative for everyone’. This new housing community which launched on May 1st is just the first in a series of projects by the VBC Giving foundation, including creating housing for seniors, veterans, children aging out of foster care, abuse survivors and refugees.

Based on statistics by The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), nearly 40,056 Veterans are homeless, of whom over 4,300 are women, of which over 70% are single mothers.

“This is not just a momentous occasion for the VBC Giving Foundation and Volumetric Building Companies – It is a stepping stone in realizing the promise and potential behind replicating the innovative, modular housing model which we’ve established here in Philadelphia, to serve America’s veterans now and in future”, said Dana Spain, President of the Board of the VBC Giving Foundation

Saint-Gobain, one of the leaders in light and sustainable construction provided over $175,000 in siding and insulation for the project. “By providing safe, sustainable, and high-quality housing products and solutions for the Veteran’s Village project, we are maximizing our positive impact in the veteran community in Philadelphia,” stated Mark Rayfield, President & CEO of Saint-Gobain North America, and CertainTeed.

“While we celebrate today’s long anticipated launch and commend our donors and partners for their critical role in helping our organization raise the necessary capital to create the well-designed, energy efficient, superior modular housing project which we see today at Veterans Village, we know that our mission to ease the housing burden afflicting my fellow veterans, among myriad vulnerable communities, is an ongoing one.”, said VBC Giving Foundation Director John P. Jones, SSgt USMC Ret.

“We must continue to innovate, continue to collaborate, continue to replicate this proven model to create communities, now and for generations to come. We encourage our donors to watch this space, as it is truly in our hands to create lasting, housing industry-redefining change,” Jones concluded.

You can find more information about the VBC Giving Foundation, here.