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Commercials have become a talked about staple for many; especially ones that air during the Holidays and on Super Bowl Sunday.

But what about the ad campaigns for Valentine’s Day — they’re everywhere and the majority of them only illustrate heterosexual relationships.

Nitasha Strait, MA, MFT says, “I think homosexual couples might find that there just isn’t that much out there in terms of suggestions to support their needs versus the heterosexual couples.”

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark Holiday geared toward women; leaving little consideration for homosexual partners where there may not be a female partner. Men buying women really expensive gifts in commercials depict the little diversity displayed on commercials.

According to Alex Robboy, CAS, MSW, LCSW of The Center for Growth, “I think Valentine’s Day was created to celebrate heterosexual couples.”

Vaughn Shirey, a college student, expresses his concern for the homosexual relationships celebrating Valentine’s Day this season. “There is not enough portray of homosexual couples in the media and corporate settings.”

Does the lack of homosexuality in mainstream media ad campaigns impacts Valentine’s Day suggestions or needs for gay couples.


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