Philadelphia (WPHL)- According to, a group of 41 swimmers from the University of Pennsylvania women’s team is considering boycotting their final home meet of the season because they are upset over the advantages of their transgender teammate, Lia Thomas.

22-year-old Thomas has been breaking multiple records a UPenn this season, including setting a new pool and meet record in the 500-yard freestyle, according to Penn Athletics. According to, a source close with the team told them the group of 41 women expressed they were upset about Thomas’s advantages to UPenn and the NCAA but were ignored.

According to, the team was discussing protesting on January 8th, 2022, during a meet but decided not to boycott because they were scared to be kept out of the Ivy League championship.

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A source told the, “the women athletes do not have backing from the school or NCAA; they’re reluctant to jeopardize their opportunity to make the elite Ivy League squad.”