The holiday season can be so busy with gift buying. and spending time with loved ones. Many people however procrastinate when it comes to their health. Whether it is a flu shot or maybe tests that check for cancer.

There are some necessary steps to take toward a healthy new year and it’s important things off so that is why Christopher Mamrol, a Patient Safety Liaison and Registered Nurse joining us this morning. He is with the patient’s safety Authority of Pennsylvania is also going to give some tips that we can maybe try to stop avoiding those unpleasant but essential health checks.

Mamrol said, ” We had a great year last year with low flu cases because we were isolated.” He suggest we can keep the trend going if we follow his five tips on staying healthy.

  • Treat yourself to peace of mind
  • Use the Buddy System
  • Take a Small step
  • Embrace Technology
  • Give yourself a Mantra