The Van that’s Driving Around Philly Giving out Free Stuff

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Sharon Johnson is from Ohio, but she’s bringing her random acts of kindness to Philly 

Random acts of kindness is her thing. 

“This is my purpose in life to spread hope to my fellow man and it comes natural to me, it’s my gift, my calling,” said Sharon Johnson, founder of Never Give Up, Never Quit. 

Never Give Up, Never Quit is a non-profit dedicated to giving out gifts to strangers. 

“We have everything from journals, we take fresh food out to the homeless shelters, its so many goodies on this truck its too many to name,” said Johnson. 

Johnson lives just outside of Cleveland Ohio but early Friday morning she’s jumping in her giving truck with her team and driving to the city of brotherly love to show love. 

“We’ll be in Philadelphia for two days moving from West Philadelphia to East and we’re just going to move around and if they see the truck and their looking for us, we’re just going to stop and unload,” she said. 

After they give out everything from gift cards and handbags to hoodies and tee-shirt to folks in our area, Johnson is heading to Camden and Newark New Jersey, then hitting up all five boroughs in New York City. 

Johnson believes anyone can mimmic her life of random acts of kindness. 

“Its not about what you give, its the whole idea that you gave to a stranger, that’s what it’s all about,” she said. 

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