The city of Philadelphia mourns after recording it’s 500th homicide of the year

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Philadelphia (WPHL)– Philadelphia has recorded its 500th homicide of the year on Wednesday afternoon, according to police.

On November 24th, 2021, at around 6:00 p.m. ,the city of Philadelphia Police Deperpatment officially announced 500 homicides for the year of 2021.

Commissioner Danielle Outlaw released a statement on reaching 500 homicides:

“Each and every homicide carries with it a profound sense of loss,“ said Police Commissioner Outlaw. “However, for our City to have reached such a tragic milestone – 500 lives cut short – it carries a weight that is almost impossible to truly comprehend.”

“There are not enough words to comfort our grieving families in their time of loss. However, I want these families to know that seeking justice for their loved one remains a top priority for the Philadelphia Police Department. We will continue to work with our local, state, and federal partners and other stakeholders to get ahead of the violent crime that is plaguing our beautiful communities. We remain committed to proactively patrolling neighborhoods and encourage community members to continue to work alongside the police. We cannot undo what has already been done, however, we will continue to pursue any and all information that will bring justice and closure to each victim and their families. I urge anyone with information to come forward and share that information with the police. The lives lost are not unique to one neighborhood or section of this city— it is time that everyone joins together to become the catalyst for change in our communities.”

This tragic milestone ties the 1990 record of 500 homicides, according to police.

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