Bill and John Vesper are back on the PHL17 patio with a traditional Italian dish that has a Thanksgiving twist!

“Growing up in an Italian-American house, we always had two Thanksgiving dinners. We would have the traditional turkey day, then we would also have an Italian dish,” said Bill Vesper.

In an effort to combine both, the Vesper Brothers brought us a Thanksgiving lasagna.

“We made a classic bolognese sauce with ground turkey instead of ground beef. Instead of basil, we added sage which is a more traditional turkey herb,” explained John Vesper.

To make this Thanksgiving bolognese sauce, start by sautéing celery, carrots and onions in your pot with olive oil. Later, add the ground turkey and tomato sauce.

“One pro tip that we like to give is to find some fresh pasta, full-length lasagna sheets. It makes it much easier,” said John.

For more Vesper Brother recipes or to find the Vesper Brother sauces, visit their website.