Tech expert Justin Sochovka shared new tech gifts that every dad will love!

First up, the DeskBoard Buddy.

“This is a whiteboard that goes onto your desk that also lifts up and holds all of your things. This is going to make you super productive,” said Justin.

It retails for $69 dollars.

Next, Rush Charge’s Magsafe Charger.

“It is a magnetic Magsafe charger. It’s going to actually clip right onto the back of your phone and then start charging it for you.”

You can get this for $59 dollars.

Third, the Shift Cam for your iPhone.

“This helps to replicate what is like a DLSR camera. A lot easier to bring this than a DLSR camera.”

The cost is around $132 dollars.

Last but not least, Justin brought in the RCA Projector and screen.

“It has a DVD built inside. It has Bluetooth capabilities. Its got built-in speaker, HDMI cable, VGI cable, you name it it’s all there.”

The best part? It’s under $100 dollars.

For more information, visit Justin’s website here.