MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Pa (WPHL)– A fiery multi-vehicle crash claimed the lives of 3 people in Montgomery County on Saturday morning.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, the crash occurred at 11 a.m. on Mile 26 on the North East Extention in Montgomery County when a tanker trailer carrying jet fuel, a delivery truck, and a white Acura crashed into each other.

Police say the White Acura was pulled over in the right lane with a flat tire. The delivery truck noticed the vehicle in distress, pulled over behind it, and turned on its hazard lights to try and help. Unfortunately, the tanker trailer which was driving a little further down the road could not stop in time and ended up slamming into both vehicles in a fiery crash.

The driver and passenger of the delivery truck, and the driver of the tanker trailer all died on the scene. The driver of the Acura was able to escape the flames and is currently in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, say police.

Hector Lucena, a nearby motorist who was driving past the scene as the flames were blazing took a video of the scene showing the fiery scene of the crash as emergency services began arriving.

Parts of the turnpike were closed for several hours as crews battled the flames, but all lanes were reopened after the scene was cleared.

PA State Police have not yet released the names of the victims who tragically died in the crash.