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Mother’s Day is coming up, and while some people are celebrating with their family, some mothers will spend the day in the NICU.

Jennifer Degl recently wrote “Stuck in Bed: The Pregnancy Bed Rest Picture Book For Kids and Moms” to help raise awareness and share information about prematurely born and medically fragile babies.

Degl’s fourth birth was actually a life threatening situation.

“I had a condition called placenta percreta,” Degl said. “I was essentially hemorrhaging for six weeks before I had my daughter.”

Degl was put on bed rest, which was challenging as she already had three children to take care of.

“A lot of people think being put on bed rest as a mom would be great,” Degl said. “But it really isn’t like that, because you’re put on bed rest for a reason. Your health is in danger, your baby’s life is in danger. It’s really stressful.”

Her daughter was born as a micro-preemie, and was held in the NICU for four months following birth.  A mictro-preemie is a baby born 26 weeks early, or a child born weighing less than 1 pound and 12 ounces.

Now, she will turn 7 this Sunday.

If you’re put on bed rest, Degl says do not Google your condition.

“You may end up trying to take some different medical advice than was given by your doctor, and that’s not recommended.”

She also says not to listen to the people that tell you not to worry.

“A lot of people will say it’s a good time to catch up on your TV shows and try to minimize your conditions,” Degl said. “But really, you have to stay in bed if your doctor tells you to stay in bed.”

She suggests to visit online communities to find support. They will help you prepare yourself for what’s coming ahead.

Finally, take photos and videos of your child even if you don’t feel up to it. You’ll want them later on in life and will regret not having taken them.

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