Woojung Restaurant and Sushi Bar in Plymouth Meeting is has been sharing a love for sushi since 2012. The unassuming spot located in a small strip mall on East Germantown Pike prides itself on making guests feel at home.

“The three pillars that we actually align our business with is food, family and happiness which is what we really try to embody all the time,” said owner Jung Kim.

Kim and her family arrived in the Philadelphia area from South Korea in 1994 when her parents began work at the University of Pennsylvania as researchers. The family then made the transition to the restaurant industry nearly 20 years later. The primary focus now is to make customers comfortable with sushi.

“Just removing that layer and make it a little bit easier to connect with and them try on different things and then have suggestions based on what people already like has proven to be a pretty effective way to do it,” added Kim.