A brand new dinner and entertainment venue is now open in downtown Ardmore on Cricket Avenue, in the form of Twenty One Pips. The spot is the newest creation of part owner Matt Hendricks, who opened Thirsty Dice in Fairmount in Philadelphia and combines good food and games.

“The games are great and our team has just done an amazing job putting this game wall together and curating all the games that are in the library here but its really the relationships and the people that are doing the heavy lifting,” said Hendricks.

The restaurant has more than 400 board games for guests to enjoy while they snack on a multitude of options from charcuterie boards to double patty, bacon jam cheeseburgers. Hendricks however, says the true mission of Twenty One Pips is to help bring people together for some traditional face to face quality time

“Giving everybody a sense of how fundamental games are to great interactions and how that cuts across different civilizations, different timeframes, different cultures,” said Hendricks. “It’s just a foundational part of great human relationships.”