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On March 16 restaurants all over the state were mandated to close their dining rooms. While this decision was made in effort to stop the spread of coronavirus, it left thousands of people in the food service industry unemployed.

Michelle Cudia a bartender at Tria Taproom was just one of the many that lost their jobs. Cudia who says she is lucky enough to have a family that can help her get though this tough time knew that not everyone had that luxury so she started a way for people to help support Philadelphia food industry workers. It’s called Philly Virtual Tip Jar and it allows for direct donations to local servers and bartenders. 

If you are a restaurant worker looking to be added to the list you can fill out this Google form.

If you are someone who is looking to donate you can view the Google spread sheet, find the employee you are looking and tip them be using their Venmo or Paypal information. The spreadsheet is setup in alphabetical order by restaurant name.