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Are you a follower or a leader? Nationally renowned communication coach Dr. Laura Sicola explained how to be a leader and command a room.

You hear it time and time again. First impressions are extremely important and it begins with how you say your name.

“Most people think that they’re not very good at remembering names and part of that is because when most people introduce themselves they actually pronounce their own names wrong,” said Dr. Sicola.

She added people typically introduce themselves too fast and say it almost as if it were a question. In order to avoid this, start with your first name going up and your last name going down as if there was a period after your name.

Her key tip to commanding a room came down to confidence.

“No matter what you’re talking about, the ability to connect with your audience and have them understand the inherit point you’re trying to make without sounding too technically detailed.”

Dr. Sicola teaches the “3 C’s:” command the room, connect with the audience and close the deal. She also has a four word secret to confident public speaking, “It’s not about you.” It’s about your audience.

“It’s about making sure that you give them information that’s valuable that they’ll be able to relate to and use immediately.”

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