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Grassroot organizations get their name from the fact that they start from the ground and build up. But that start can be rocky.

“It’s the smaller organizations that are putting in the work and going unnoticed. And we really felt that way at Mission Incorporated,” Said Lawanda Horton.

Lawanda Horton founder of Mission INC wants to help ease the start-up process for businesses in Philadelphia.

“Essentially, we help grass root organizations start and raise money, train their board of directors, work on planning fundraising strategy.” Said Lawanda.

Strategies that include grant writing, corporate sponsorship, special event. Jobs that people may find tedious or frustrating, Lawanda enjoys.

“That’s my superpower, organization. I love how easy it is for me, because I know how hard it is for other people.” Said Lawanda Horton.

She offers her expertise to minority run businesses and organizations so they can make change in their community.

“My dream was to come into communities of color and help people who ran organization. People who look like me, raise funds.” Said Lawanda.

She believes in offering her client’s a fair price but that means taking on more to keep her own business running and Mission Incorporated can get busy.

“We want people to know we are here and we want folks to help.” Said Lawanda Horton.

Lawanda’s clients appreciate her guidance and say having her skill set is very beneficial to their community.

“There is a level of honesty realness and connection, our clients have been with us since 2008 they are still working with us. That is the best part of this.” Said Lawanda Horton.