Exeter Township Police need your help figuring out what happened to a Berks County man that went missing in 2015.

After years of no successful leads, the Exeter Police Department made a big breakthrough by finding two femur bones belonging to the missing man, Anthony Rodriguez.

On Monday, Exeter Police officials gathered to hold a press conference and provide an update on the case of the missing man.

The case began on May 13, 2015, when police received a missing person report for Anthony Rodriguez.

Authorities said Rodriguez was last seen alone on May 10, 2015 which was Mothers day.

Detectives followed many leads through the past eight years which led to them to a wooded area near the five Points section of Exeter Township near the Alsace border.

During an investigation in 2020, Detective Joe Malone from the Exeter Township Police Department, led a series of five search and rescue operations which led to the discovery of the remains.

During the first and second search, two human femur bones were located through the help of cadaver dogs, volunteers, Berks County officials, FBI, PA State Police, and the Exeter Fire Department.

The remaining searches came up inconclusive and no additional remains were found.

DNA testing over the next couple of months determined the femur bones belonged to Anthony Rodriguez.

Now eight years later, no cause of death has been confirmed, and the case is still open as an active criminal investigation.

During the press conference, Exeter Police officials asked the public for assistance in retracing his last steps and to provide any information that could help officials crack the case.

Anyone with information should contact the Exeter Township Police at 610-779-1490 or submit submit an anonymous tip to Crime Alert Berks at 1-877-373-9913.