Quadruplet sisters from South Jersey follow in their late mother’s footsteps

PHL17 News

A set of quadruplets from Swedesboro, New Jersey don’t just share the same looks and birthday. They’re also following in the footsteps of their late mother. 

Rachel, Casey, and Kelly Murphy all just graduated from Rutgers University-Camden with degrees in nursing. Their other sister, Erin, recently graduated from Oklahoma Sate University where she studied to be a veterinarian. 

The sisters lost their mother when they were just toddlers. Now, inspired by their mother who was a nurse, they all chose careers in helping others. Just like their mom did decades before. 

“I can proudly say I am officially following in my mom’s footsteps,” says Kelly Murphy. “I know that I will always have a piece of her with me forever.”  

Watch the full interview with the sisters from PHL17 Morning News above.  

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