There’s lots of breweries and bars across our area but there’s not many that will let you pour your own beer.

There’s a spot in West Reading PA that features a self-pour tap wall where you can pour your own unlimited beer, for a price, of course.

Beer Wall on Penn is equipped with a game room, delicious food, 38 self-pour beer taps, and a fully stocked bar!

Started by owner, Josue Matos, ‘Beer Wall on Penn’ is the first, full scale, self service taproom in Pennsylvania.

PHL17’s Alex Butler visited the Beer Wall on Penn to give us a preview of this unique concept.

How does it work?

  1. Walk in and give the bartender your debit or credit card in exchange for a ‘Beer Wall Card’
  2. Walk over to the beer wall and grab a glass
  3. When you’ve made your beer selection, tap the beer wall card and start pouring!
  4. As you pour the the system will automatically charge you per ounce
  5. Take out your card, and enjoy your beer!

Next time you are in West Reading, you have to check out Beer Wall on Penn.

See their menu and get more information, here