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Philadelphia (WPHL)- Philadelphia police arrested a man Wednesday who is a suspect in a carjacking in Philadelphia’s Glenwood neighborhood Tuesday.

The incident happened on the 2700 block of Warnock Street around 10:50 pm.

Police say a 36-year-old pizza delivery driver had his three kids and girlfriend in his 2005 Chevy Venture minivan while delivering his last order. As the man left his vehicle to give the pizza to the person who ordered it, police say, a man dressed in all black clothing and a black ski mask glanced into his minivan.

The suspect walked towards the driver’s side door and got into the minivan, police say. As the victim ran back to his car, the suspect locked the doors and drove northbound on Warnock Street at high speed.

Police say the victim’s 35-year-old girlfriend tried fighting with the suspect to save herself and the three children. The suspect threatened to kill her if she didn’t stop and began reaching into his pocket, police say.

The woman victim jumped out of the moving minivan, leaving her kids inside the vehicle; police say the suspect continued driving at high speed.

According to police, the suspect dropped off one of the three children at an unknown location before abandoning the minivan at 1200 the block of Cambria Street with the other two children inside. 

The suspect then went into a Chevy Impala with two other unidentified men, police say. Tac Air followed the vehicle until it was abandoned at 300 block of Euclid Street when police say all three males fled on foot.

On Wednesday, police say, Shaun Triplett, 18, from 2900 West Norris Street, was arrested at 1800 North 31st Street. Police say they recovered a loaded weapon.

Triplett is being charged with Aggravated Assault, Robbery, Kidnapping, VUFA, Endangering the Child’s Welfare, and other related offenses, police say.