Every year, PHL17 celebrates Women’s Month by honoring “Remarkable Women” from our local community who have had an influence on public policy and social progress. We first met Lawanda in March when she earned PHL17’s remarkable Woman of the Year. Since then, she has stayed busy with her business Mission INC, helping local grassroots organization get their start.

“They don’t want to worry about the grant-writing, the paperwork the long hours of red tape. “ Said Lawanda. She is incorporating a lot of what she learned from the remarkable women’s conference held in LA earlier this year.

“I have been speaking with women from all over the country. And making the impact of what we do reach a much larger audience.” Said Lawanda. She is also looking to reach a bigger audience through her signature events including a recent rap battle for young adults. 

“Instead of being on the streets trying to make money through illegal means, we have people inside writing creating trying to win this $2000.” Said Lawanda. She is always brainstorming and searching for ideas and events to reach out to her community.

“I have felt like there wasn’t anyone there for me and I just didn’t want anyone else to feel that way that I have been blessed with certain opportunities.  It’s time for me to come to my community.” Said Lawanda. If you have an inspiring woman in your life, we want to hear her story. In addition to possibly being featured on PHL 17, she could win a trip to Los Angeles.