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Check out part two of our video series of “Philly On The Gram” as PHL17’s David Grzybowski interviews the top Instagrammers of Philadelphia. Here is part 2 with Conrad Benner and Billy Cress.

Benner’s photography started when he launched his site Streets dept, a blog showcasing the Philadelphia art scene.

“Instagrammers in Philly show people a side of the city whether they are from here or not probably what they have never seen before. You can see the skyline a hundred thousand times but when you see it through the eyes of a really great photographer it can give you a whole different insight. A whole new excitement for the city,” Benner said.

30-year-old Billy Cress joined Instagram four years ago snapping shots of Philadelphia neighborhoods.

“Its funny to say but Instagram has changed my life a bit. I’ve meet so many good people . So many job opportunities have come through about it. I really Love into photography as a result of it,” Cress said.

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by:David Grzybowski/ PHL17

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