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Check our two part videos series of “Philly On The Gram” as PHL17’s David Grzybowski interviews the top Instagrammers of Philadelphia. Here is part 1 with Darren Burton and Albert Lee.

Philadelphia native Albert Lee joined Instagram four years ago. Through his creative eye the 36 year old captures a unique perspective of the city.

“Social media. People always say don’t read the comments but on Instagram people do,” Lee said. “Its pretty much 99 percent of the time positive feedback. People are actually telling you man that’s a great shot or they want to know more about it. No other social app do people really feel connected.”

27-year-old photographer Darren Burton joined Instagram in 2013. The Philly native has been featured twice on the app as a suggested user. Burton captures the color, community and culture of Philadelphia on his page.

“To be able to turn that into art and to showcase my city in an art form speaks volumes for me and for Philadelphia,” Burton said.

Check out PART 2 with Conrad Benner and Billy Cress

by:David Grzybowski/ PHL17

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