Just a few weeks after announcing they are ceasing operations, the Philly POPs are preparing to go on strike.

A statement by the American Federation of Musicians, local 77, released a statement yesterday stating, “95% of Philly POPS musician Union members vote to strike if necessary”.

The strike would comes amidst ” urgent disputes related to management’s lack of transparency before announcing that Philly POPS operations will cease next year”.

Ellen Trainer, President of AFM Local 77, stated “We have been trying to get Philly POPS management to negotiate contract commitments since August. It’s been more than 90 days since we gave them our most recent proposal,”.

The Philly POPS announced they are ceasing operations on November 16th and Brooke Beezley, cellist for the Philly POPS stated, “We found out the POPS wanted to dissolve the company on the same day everyone else saw it on the news.”

“We know it should not be necessary to strike for these most basic protections, but –for our patrons, for our 43-year legacy, for our families, for own basic rights and dignity, for holding the line on an industry that wants a monopoly over all of us, for the precedent we need to set for all the other resident orchestras, and for passing the torch to our students and their pathways to the next generation of musicians—we will strike if we have no other choice.”

Paul Arbogast, Philly POPS trombone player and member of the contract negotiation committee

The Philly POPS were founded in 1979 and have become an integral part of the holidays for many families. Their Christmas Spectacular is set to run until December 17th and their final season will end on June 25th.

This story is developing and will be updated.