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When she’s voguing, she comes alive.

“People used to always say, you’re meant for ballroom, you’re meant for ballroom,” said Ming.

Sure it’s about the posing, the dancing and the recognition Ming gets each time she hits the floor.

“As soon as I walk through the door it’s just like look at me, this is who I am, and pay attention,” said Ming.

It’s also about so much more, to her this has became her family when things got rocky with her mom.

“She did put me out, and I was like 15, 14 so I was just kind of just surviving honestly,” said Ming.

Now everyone will get the chance to hear her story and watch her strut her stuff on season two of ‘The Kiki Show’ where she’ll compete with people from across the country.

“Our voices really need to be heard, our talent needs to be shown,” said Ming.

This season was filmed right here in Philly at ‘Level Up Bar and Lounge’ which is Black and LGBTQ+ owned, a nod to most of the folks on the KiKi scene.

One of the judges is also local.

“Everybody was good. The entire cast, OMG, phenomenal,” said Mutha Knows.

Mutha Knows is one of the voices of the Rise and Grind Morning Show on Power 99 and says this show will touch you in more ways than one.

“Ballroom it provided love for them, it’s a safe space. A lot of people found out they were HIV positive and they didn’t know what they were going to do so.they came to ballroom and ballroom is a place where you can feel free, you are loved, you are embraced,” said Mutha Knows.

“This is such a cool place to be and it’s such a good community to be in and it’s so fun here and a lot of people will never understand how much of a blessing it is to be a part of this community,” said Ming