The Philadelphia Board of Education approved Superintendent Tony Watlington’s roadmap for Philadelphia schools in a unanimous vote. It’s called “Accelerate Philly” and its focus is academic success and safety for students.

This comes after Watlington presented his plan to the Board of Education last week.

Board president Reginald Streaater said in those remarks yesterday that the board decided to wait a week to vote on the plan to give parents and families time to read it through and ask questions.

The plan includes 63 strategic actions and five priority areas.

Those areas include:

-student safety

-partnering with families and the community

-academic achievement

-recruiting diverse and effective educators

-delivering high-quality cost-effective operations.

The plan also covers things like launching a two-way communications system to improve communications with families and the community and year-round schooling.

That plan could take effect as early as July 1.