PHILADELPHIA, Pa (WPHL)– A Philadelphia Police Officer is expected be fired after new surveillance video showed the officers actions leading up to the tragic killing of 27-year-old Eddie Irizarry.

New surveillance footage released by the the Irizarry family shows the moments that led up to the shooting on August 14.

On Wednesday, August 23, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw and Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney provided an update to the case at 1 p.m.

Commissioner Outlaw announced that she has utilized her Commissioners Direct Action to “suspend police officer Mark Dial with the intent to dismiss him at the end of his 30 day suspension due to administrative violations.”

She continued by explaining that Officer Dial violated PPD disciplinary codes which were promptly obeying proper orders from a superior officer, and failure to cooperate in any departmental investigation. 

This all began on on Monday August 14, when police officers conducted a traffic stop gone wrong on the 100 block of E. Willard Street where Irizarry was allegedly, driving “erratically” down the road.

Five-veteran Philadelphia Police officer, Mark Dial, and his partner, followed Irizarry in his Toyota Corolla as he turned on Westmoreland Street, then left onto Lee Street, and then came proceeded to drive the wrong way on East Willard Street, which is a one way road.

The surveillance footage then shows Irizarry park his car on East Willard Street, which is when Officer Dial and his partner get out of their police vehicle and approach Irizarry, with guns drawn.

In the video, the officers are heard shouting, “Show me your hands”, ” He’s got a…. knife”, “Don’t move”, and “I’ll… shoot you”

The video then shows Officer Dial shooting five shots, and then running in front of the car and firing again. At this point one of the officers called into police radio and indicated that their were “shots fired”.

During the initial police report, the department indicated that Irizarry was outside of his car and lunged at police with a knife. When details became increasingly cloudy, the police department issued a correction and acknowledged that Irizarry was in fact sitting inside of his car, when he was fatally shot.

As for the knife detail, two knives were found inside of Irizarry’s car, but police have not confirmed or denied whether the knife was in Irizarry’s hand.

During the Wednesday afternoon press conference, Commissioner Outlaw said, “We are investigating the inaccuracies in the initial report of this incident and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken if warranted upon the conclusion of that investigation . I completely understand that today’s announcement as well as yesterday’s press briefing will give rise to additional questions and I must again reiterate that our primary duty is to safeguard the integrity of the ongoing investigation”.

She continued by saying, “We must be fair; we must be consistent with how we apply the law, and we must abide by our policies and directives in order to ensure we maintain that consistently. We owe nothing less to the people of this city.”

Although the surveillance footage released by the Irizarry family clears up many details, the family is still urging the police department to release Officer Dial’s body-worn camera footage to the public.

The Citizens Police Oversight Commission, which is a City of Philadelphia Department in charge of “Striving for accountability, transparency, and equity through civilian oversight of the Philadelphia Police Department”, is calling for the termination of Officer Dial.

“The Citizens Police Oversight Commission has been actively monitoring the investigation currently being conducted by the Philadelphia Police Department. Based on information we have reviewed, we have recommended that PPD terminate Officer Dial. This agency was created for moments such as this. It is our responsibility to hold our police department accountable and also amplify the voices of the community. “We invite all concerned community members to join us for a Virtual Public Meeting tomorrow night, Wednesday, August 23rd at 6:00 PM on Zoom.”, said a statement by the department.

PHL17’s Tyrone Sharper spent the morning at Philadelphia Police Headquarters to give us an update on the officer involved shooting and killing of Eddie Irizarry.

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