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Walking on four legs around Philadelphia International Airport, Cora and her partner, Officer Terrance Wright, have worked together for five years.

She`s a bombing sniffing dog, which means a lot of *walking for both of them.

“We constantly walk around people and she looks for explosives. There`s such a large space that we cover. The dog`s nose is always working.’

Sometimes all that sniffing and walking can take a toll on Cora. To help her and all of the K-9`s at Philadelphia police department, a local company called Big Barker donated dozens of high quality orthopedic dog beds.

More than 40 dog beds were donated to the police department. They`re suppose to help reduce the stress of their joints, which in theory, is suppose to increase their years in service.’

Eric Shannon is the president of Big Barker. He said police dogs are some of the most active working dogs.

That means they`re prone to serious joint conditions, such as canine arthritis. Shannon said it`s a frequent problem that can happen to any kind of dog.

“They`re seven inches thick, they have three layers of foams and they`re specifically engineered to protect large dogs joints from feeling any pressure form the floor below,” he said “Canine arthritis is the most common joint disease and its something that a lot of large dogs will develop by the time they`re older.”

The beds would normally cost more than $11,000 dollars, but these dogs will get a good night`s rest for free.

“They spend their entire day and entire life keeping our community safe and they really don`t ask fro anything in return so the least we can do when we can is help improve their quality of life to give back to them.”

It`s something wright thinks will eventually pay off and benefit all of us.

“They do a very important job as far as making sure everybody`s safe,” he said. “I think we`re going to be doing a little better job now that she`s going to be a little more comfortable when she wakes up in the morning.”