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Michele Lamarr-Suggs is a Certified Nurse-Midwife who works for Pennsylvania Hospital and she adores what she does.

“We provide wholistic maternal healthcare for women throughout their pregnancy, but we also provide GYN care for women ages 13-99, said Lamarr-Suggs. “We play a vital role in women’s health.”

Lamar-Suggs says when the pandemic began her patients were stressed out financially.

“I dried a lot of tears, I gave a lot of hugs,” she said. “In my mind was trying to figure out what I could do outside of my walls of my office to be able to support families.”

Lamarr-Suggs says she started Royal Generation a few years ago. The organization that’s now a non-profit, helps parents in the Philadelphia area all year around, but the big event is the annual community baby shower.

“Every family will leave with a case of diapers, wipes, towels, blankets, bottles, we have formula,” she said. “We have bigger giveaways like car seats, strollers, cribs, we have some much that our generous supporters have donated.”

The baby shower is happening Saturday, June 11th at 11am at Clara Muhammad Square in West Philadelphia and everyone is welcome. Participants won’t just get stuff, they’ll get resources too. 

“Doulas who will come out and give talks, we have lactation specialists, we partnered with the state reps office, we have nurse family partnerships we have maternal wellness,” said Lamarr-Suggs.

The organization has helped more than 225 families over the past few years and plans to bless more than 100 others Saturday. 

“I think that we’re all blessed to be a blessing, and that we have so much inside of us to be able to impact so many people around us with love,” she said. “And that’s all that I desire to do.”