What kid doesn’t love a school assembly?

Especially ones that features some of their favorite social media influencers. 

“I was pretty amazed,” said Kenderton Elementary student Ruby Ann Gary. “I’ve seen them on social media, but never in person.” 

Several different classes at Kenderton Elementary School in North Philadelphia got the chance to connect with folks they’ve only seen online until now. 

“They’re going to remember that, it’s something like hey when I was in 5th, 6th grade we had such and such come in, Oh my God so exciting,” said 5th grade math and science teacher at Kenderton Tyrik Glass. 

Glass says he loves the idea of assemblies like these because they reiterate what he’s working to teach students in his classroom. 

“Just to be able to be next to these guys, in the same room with them, sometimes you never know,” he said. “Kids go through so much at home and in the community that it’s like a break, this is where I can come, feel safe, feel good and feel myself.” 

School assemblie like these are the brain child of Ant Brown.

He’s a rapper and social media influencer himself and he started the AbroExperience in 2019. Brown goes from school-to-school reaching the kids in person with their social media heroes and strong messages of unity.

“They grow up in a culture where they constantly have a conflict with one another, they are constantly against each other and we see that same behavior start to pour into the streets,” said Brown. 

Brown says he goes into the classrooms, teams up with the teachers and helps kids realize their potential and he’s not stopping here. He wants to keep expanding and touch even more lives. 

“Every influencer that’s in the city that’s really passionate about the youth, instagram influencers to be specific because that’s who they watch, instagram and Tik Tok, please get with me, get apart of this tour, come bring your presence in these schools,” said Brown.