Voters in Philadelphia are getting ready to choose their next mayor but despite all their political agendas, are the candidates good Philadelphians?

PHL17 spoke to Cherelle Parker about what she wants Philadelphia to know about her, politics aside.

“Not only am I a good cook, everybody already knows I’m a good cook, but I’m a great dancer. I can really ‘cut a rug’. If we win this election, I want to see people at our headquarters on Delaware Avenue at the Sheetmetal Workers Union on Tuesday night and we’re gonna have a party, win, lose, or draw”

PHL17’s Amanda VanAllen Spoke to David Oh and wanted to know more about his favorite Philly-centric foods.

“Well since we’re talking treat, Philly Water Ice Gelati, Cherry flavor” When asked about his Hoagie order, Oh said ” You know, I’m gonna tell you it’s a ham hoagie with extra mayo, and everything else on it. Yeah, all the fixings especially sweet peppers.”