She works you out, makes you laugh and pumps you up.

Lauren Leavell is a fitness coach dripping in all of the Black girl magic.

She teaches a HIIT class or high intensity interval training, as well as a strength bootcamp class, and some barre classes. 

“It’s more about really using your body as that equipment and low impact is great for people who have a history of knee issues, or are in an apartment and don’t want to make a lot of noise,” said Leavell.

If you’ve ever taken a barre class, you know the racial makeup usually isn’t diverse and Leavell wants to change that. 

“I wanted to make people feel comfortable coming to a class knowing they don’t have to look a certain way, or move a certain way or have a certain skill level to try to take this class,” she said.

And the diversity of people isn’t the only issue Leavell and so many others see with boutique fitness.

“The reason I even went into barre is because I really didn’t think there was a lot of body diversity in barre and there wasn’t a lot of diversity in the people who are teaching it and I have a lot of great friends who teach barre, but they look like they teach barre,” said Leavell.

So she’s showing up for her students, being her authentic self and making them all feel welcome.

“Everyone deserves to have that experience if thats the kind of fitness that really connects for them. If that’s their form of joyful movement, and they can get access to that, that’s really important for me,” she said.

Leavell used to teach at a fitness studio like so many other instructors in Philly and across the country, but that was before the pandemic. Now, she’s built her own fitness company, Lauren Leavell Fitness, and makes her clients sweat from what used to be her living room. 

“I did that one off class situation for awhile and and then I decided to start a membership and I’ve been doing that since October of 2020,” said Leavell.

The 10 year Philadelphia convert picked up a huge social media following and has more than 250 students all around the world enrolled in her monthly membership boutique fitness classes. 

“As our lives have shifted, stress is high, bodies are changing, and just having a place that you know you can come and feel like yourself is something I feel like is very powerful for people,” she said.

Leavell says she’s proud that her clients get her, they love her and they trust her. 

“It makes me extremely proud and very happy to be here, I love what I do and so if I can bring that to someone else, even if they don’t end up loving barre, even if they’re like wow that was lot, the fact that they felt comfortable enough to try it and try it with me is a really great honor,” she said.