Happy birthday Hip Hop! The artform turned 50 years old this month and is being celebrated by artists, music and culture lovers across the country.

Celebrations highlighting hip hop artist and the contributions of hip hop culture have been taking place all month – from concerts, immersive experiences, and art exhibits like “Hip Hop 50” at Cherry Street Pier.  This exhibit highlights how hip-hop music influenced the seven artists have their work on display including Keni ‘Thomcat’ Thomas. Thomas is the resident artist here at Cherry Street Pier. Thomas tells me that his work is an ode to Philadelphia hip hop and the lyrics that have lived inside of his head and heart for decades.

“The culture is an actual like way of being. Therefore, I wanted people to translate things into different ways of being that were Hip Hop, like my segment is all lyrics to Hip Hop songs,” Thomas said.

The exhibit will be available to enjoy up until next weekend.