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A donut revolution is underway at the Fashion District in Center City. Tiffany’s Bakery is unveiling its brand new Do-Yo, which is a cake donut but cooked with steam rather than fried, like conventional donuts.

“A super exciting market disruptor of a donut because it’s got 50 percent up to 50 percent less fat than a traditional cake donut and 25 percent fewer calories,” said Tiffany’s owner Frank Pantazopoulos.

The donuts are mixed using a patented recipe tweaked by the Tiffany’s staff to change the flavor profile. In fact, Pantazopoulos says they are the only ones in the country to be cooking donuts with this method.

“We spent a great deal of time taking a base patented formula and bringing it into the style that we Americans would love and certainly something that me as Tiffanys bakery and our customers would come to expect from us,” added Pantazopoulos.

The Do-Yos will be debuted at the Tiffany’s location on Market Street.

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