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Philadelphia (WPHL)- The Philadelphia 76ers Gaming Club will look to cap off an unbelievable season heading into the 3v3 NBA 2k Blacktop Series and the NBA 2k League Playoffs. The club already won the NBA 2k Turn Championship in June, where they won $100,000 and a banner. In the next upcoming weeks, the club will look to take home a total of $750,000, according to

On August 17, 2022, the NBA 2k 3v3 Blacktop Series will begin, and the 76ersGC will be the third seed. Winners of the tournament will take home $250,000, second place wins $100,000, third place wins $50,000, fourth place wins $50,000, fifth through eighth place wins $25,000, and ninth through twelfth place win $10,000.

If the 76ersGC win the tournament, each player on the team (5) will take home $37,500. The tournament will conclude on August 20th.

The team will then compete in the big dance! The NBA 2k League Playoffs will begin on August 24th, but since the 76ersGC played phenomenal this season, they earned themselves the number one seed in the East and will have a bye. Their first game will be played on August 25th.

Winners of this end-season tournament will receive rings, trophies, and $500,000. Each player will take home 75,000 each if they win.

Some players on the team will have the opportunity to win more cash for their performances this season. Starting Point Guard Andre Marshall, aka Dre, is a finalist for Most Valuable Player. Marshall is in his second season and will be the youngest player in NBA 2k League history to win MVP if the votes fall in his favor. Whoever wins the award will also win $15,000.

Starting Point Guard Andre Marshall, aka Dre, is a finalist for Most Valuable Player.

Power Forward Daniel Theis aka DT, is a finalist to win Defensive Player of the Year. DT is in his fourth year and will be looking to take home $7,500 along with the award.

Lastly, Head Coach Jeff Terrell is a Coach of The Year finalist. The winner of the award will also win $5,000.

This is déjà vu for die-hard Philadelphia fans who remember the 2001 NBA season when Allen Iverson won MVP, Dikembe Mutombo won DPOY, and Larry Brown won Coach of the Year.

Enrique Xavier Barraza aka 630, Yusuf Abdulla, and Elijah Spears, aka UnderRatedGoat, are all top three in all-star voting for their respective positions.

If you want to watch the games, you can visit Twitch and cheer on your Philadelphia 76ersGC while they are in Indiana playing in the final two tournaments.