Well we all know cookies and milk are a holiday staple, but this holiday season Pepsi wants you try something a little different.

Pepsi has launched a campaign for something called “Pilk” which is quite literally a combination of Pepsi and milk.

Credit: Pepsi

Lindsay Lohan and special guest Santa Claus have partnered up with Pepsi to kick off and promote the new tradition.

Credit: Pepsi

“Combining Pepsi and milk has long been a secret hack among Pepsi fans. Now with the rise of the ‘dirty soda’ trend on TikTok and throughout the country, we thought Pilk and Cookies would be a great way to unapologetically celebrate the holidays with a new and delicious way to enjoy Pepsi this season,” said Todd Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer – Pepsi.

If you’re interested and want to try it, here are Pepsi’s recipe’s and helpful hints on the perfect cup of ‘Pilk” and the best cookie pair it with:

  • The Naughty & Ice: For a pure milk taste that’s infused with notes of vanilla, measure and combine 1 cup of whole milk, 1 tbsp of heavy cream and 1 tbsp of vanilla creamer. From there, pour the mixture slowly into 1 cup of Pepsi – the brand’s hero product – and consume it alongside a chocolate chip cookie.
  • The Chocolate Extreme: Blend 1/3 cup of chocolate milk and 2 tbsp of chocolate creamer together, transfer the mixture to 1 cup of smooth & creamy Pepsi Nitro to enjoy the richness of the flavor atop of a frothy foam head. This “Pilk” will satisfy the chocoholic in you, especially by pairing it with a double chocolate cookie.
  • The Cherry on Top: A hint of cherry always sweetens the deal. Combine ½ cup of 2% milk, 2 tbsp of heavy cream and 2 tbsp of caramel creamer. To bring the complex flavors to life, place the mixture into 1 cup of Pepsi Wild Cherry while pairing the drink with a gingerbread cookie.
  • The Snow Fl(oat): An oatmeal-based cookie loaded with raisins is sure to complement an oat milk “Pilk.” Start by taking ½ cup of oat milk and adding 4 tbsp of caramel creamer. Then, slowly pour the sweet mixture into a glass filled with 1 cup of Pepsi Zero Sugar.
  • The Nutty Cracker: Combine ½ cup of almond milk and 4 tbsp of coconut creamer and place the mixture atop a pool of smooth & creamy Nitro Pepsi Vanilla. For true richness, pair with a coated peanut butter cookie.
Credit: Pepsi

And if you are brave enough to try the combo, Pepsi is inviting you to join the “#PilkandCookies Holiday Challenge, giving 25 lucky fans the chance to win cash for their holiday gifts.” 

To enter the challenege, you must follow @Pepsi on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok and share a photo or video of yourself trying the “Pilk and cookies” concoction and use the hashtags, #PilkandCookies #Sweepstakes.