Are you looking for a little bit of holiday cheer?

Well some students at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine are putting down their textbooks and white coats, and singing their way through the holidays.

The PCOM Pulmonics is an Acapella group made up of medical graduate students.

Despite all the studying and learning, they host performances throughout the year for the college and community.

They perform during graduations, white coat ceremonies, days of remembrance and many other PCOM events.

As the pandemic comes to a close, they hope to get more into the community and do more in-person performances.

Kate Minke, PCOM student and member of PCOM Pulmonics, says ” When we are singing its a fantastic study break for us”. “Sometimes practicing is the best hour of our week”, she continued with smiles and nods of approval from her fellow peers and PCOM Pulmonics members.

If you want more information, you can find them on Instagram @PCOMPulmonics