National Fudge Day is truly a holiday to celebrate for sweet spots like Shane Confectionary on Market Street in Philadelphia. The candy and chocolate shop has been churning out the sweet treats for more than 150 years and people today are just as excited about the fresh fudge as they were centuries before,

 “It’s sugar based. It’s delicious and folks in the summer time they’re not interested in those heavy chocolate pieces,” said Shane manager Laurel Burmeister. “They want something light, they want something sugary, so that’s one of the reasons its a big seller during the summer. Also, it has a whole history of being a sort of a seaside treat.” 

Shane Confectionary is one of only a few local candy makers still operating at full capacity and Burmeister says it is a testament to the community which has continued to support the shop through the years.

“We’re one of the few that has sort of  lasted and it sort of harkens back to your local candy store and local confectioner,” added Burmeister. “It’s really been the neighborhood that has kept us alive and kept us going.”