Non-Profit Helping People Kick Cancers Butt in Style

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Zaimah Brooks dressed up and went out to celebrate her 30th birthday and 10 days later she got some life changing news. 

“I was diagnosed with stage 4 maxillary sinus cancer August, 4th 2020 and I’ve been fighting ever since,” said Brooks. 

After seven surgeries in less than a year, Brooks just didn’t feel like herself anymore. 

“My cancer came back three times after various treatments,” she said. “It just kept coming.” 

That’s until she found the non-profit Cancer Who?. The center director, Baasima Riley, is a cancer survivor herself. 

“Just to see the smiles on everyone’s faces when I give back, I’m like ok, I was once in that place, I once needed what I’m giving to these women,” said Riley. 

Through Cancer Who?, Riley started another non-profit, We Fighting Pretty. 

“My mission is to make the women who are fighting cancer, feel pretty while fighting something so ugly,” she said.  

She puts on events for cancer survivors and thrivers to make them feel like themselves again. 

“They have their own makeup team which requires a beautician, a nail tech, they get massages, they are pampered with flowers,” said Riley. 

The next event is Sunday, June 27th. 

To fund those events, she’s set up an online boutique where people can buy clothes, jewelry handbags and much more. 

100 percent of those profits go to We Fighting Pretty so cancer thrivers like Brooks can keep fighting while feeling confident and loved. 

“They are great people, they help you, they support you they talk to you,” said Brooks. “When you don’t have support, they’re here.” 

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